Sync your Airtable with any app

Are you looking to sync your Airtable data with other apps? Pushbases is webhook for Airtable. Any change you make on Airtable are instantly sent to any app.

Make your workflow seamless!

“Finally a webhook solution for airtable that works at scale with instant updates. Opened up ton of options we were looking for! Definately recommended”

Joelle Doe, CMO @ FrontLines


Sync your airtable with any CRM, sheets, database... in real time

Use PushBases to sync your Airtable data with any app. Combined with Zapier ( or similar ) and the possibilities are endless.

Instant updates

Get near-instant update every time your Airtable records change.

Sync at scale

Push updates to multiple destination at once. Customize Airtable fields and include linked records data.

Unlimited updates

Fixed price no matter how many update you push.

Plans & Pricing


Best option for companies who need it all at scale.


Unlimited updates
50 Webhooks
Instant Update
Multi-destination at once
Customize fields
Includes linked records
Premium Support

Best option for small businesses and team who need instant updates and advanced features.


Unlimited updates
15 Webhooks
Instant Update
Multi-destination at once
Customize fields
Includes linked records

Best option for personal projects who need simple webhook.


Unlimited updates
5 Webhooks
5 min Update Time
then 1$ overage charge per month per Webhook for Enterprise Plan
save 20% for annual plan only till 30 of July

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not use Zapier or Slack notification instead?

Well, the reason we build this, is because we couldn't find a proper solution for webhooks. And we tried...

  • Zapier works for new records, but doesn't seems to trigger on updates. To be fair, they can detect update if your records appear in a view. But if your record is already in that view, it won't trigger any update.
  • Slack notification and the workaround using Pipedream is not reliable. If you update a group of records, you will only see the first 5, and it also seems so skip some updates sometime.
Can it connect to Zapier Webhook?

Absolutely. We are just the missing piece for triggering updates at scale. You can connect to any tools you want. For example, at, we use it to update our CRM, sync our database and datastudio, and send email notification to VA

Is it secure?

Yes absolutely. We do need your Airtable API key to scan records but we do not save nor log any of your data. Once we push the update, it's gone from our backend. Moreover your API key is stored on Airtable itself, so there is absolutely none of your data on our servers.

What are the differences in pricing plans?
  • With the Starter plan, you get the best bang for your bucks. Up to 5 webhooks, which we believe is enough to manage small project.
  • With the Professional plan, the update time is near instant and you can include linked records data and push it all at once. Also you can push records update to multiple destination at once. Moreover if you need to keep some fields private, you can customize the fields that are shared and add custom data.
  • With the Enterprise plan, you get bulk pricing and premium support. It fits for company who need enterprise grade solution with SLA.